Our Vision
Each student develops the highest habits of scholarship and achieves his/her highest potential in a positive, can-do, goal-oriented, nurturing and secure atmosphere.

Our Mission
To teach our children to spread their wings and soar like eagles!

Our Goals:

NRCCS will develop and administer an annual budget that provides for the long-term sustainability of school operations.

NRCCS will become an Expeditionary Learning Accredited School.

NRCCS staff members will, at all times, maintain an academic culture in alliance with enriching students through place-based educational programming. Staff members will also model, recognize, encourage, and reward the character traits self-identified by the student body.

NRCCS will ensure that all students are life-long learners and that each student exemplifies the habits of scholarship.

NRCCS will ensure that school facilities are continually made available as a central hub for the North Routt community. In a mutually beneficial manner, NRCCS will strive to involve parents, localcommunity members, andresources within the school district boundaries to ensure the success of the school and its students and staff.


North Routt Community Charter School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities.