Special Thanks!!

Special thanks to our local lumberjacks who took their Saturday to come and cut/split wood to get the school ready for the winter. An extra special thanks to Mr. Rick Boese for his leadership with the wood and GARN(Donna Boese too).  Our school is truly blessed to have such an amazing community to support our school!

CDE Video Production

Last week, CDE hired a video production company to come and shoot a video to tell the story of our BEST Grant (creation of our building) and how our school made the best of it.  The production consisted of video footage of our students at OEW, in class and walking throughout the halls.  Dr. David Moss (leader in the community), Lance Johnson (5th grade), Ms. Libby Meyring and Mr. L. where all interviewed for the production.  This video will be used to show federal and state legislators to hopefully continue the BEST  program. Once the production is completed, it can be seen on the TV in the entryway of the school.  Individuals from the production team who were here for the day, commented how amazed they were with the students and culture of the school! YEAH NRCCS!

Visit from Nora Flood

Nora Flood is the President of Colorado League of Charter Schools, and she came up here to see all the great things our school is doing. She was amazed! Amazed with the students, the energy in the school, and the warm feeling that we all get when we walk through the doors of our school. She oversees hundreds of charter schools in CO, and it’s pretty special for her to visit our school!

New Students

As our school grows, comes new kiddos. Some kiddos with a diverse background and at times a specfic need to be successful. I want to congratulate these new NRCCS kiddos, because they have come to this school and learned the culture and now….school is now fun, exciting, and they feel safe! I want to thank all the teachers who work so hard to make these new kiddos feels welcomed and loved. Thank you teachers- YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Yours in Education,

Brandon LaChance